The National Television Awards 2010

22 January, 2010

Did anyone see this piece of crap?

I mean, yeah, I know it’s only an awards show and yeah, sure, Doctor Who got some awards so I heard but somehow a show that gives awards to a few shows I like but simultaneously gives awards to shows I detest (soaps, reality shows and all that kind of TV shyte) doesn’t quite seem to cut it with me. I suppose that in order to see an award for a show I like as valuable I have to believe that the awards themselves have value and if the awards are being given out to shows I despise then I don’t see them as valuable.

I mean, let’s be straight here, when I say “despise” I don’t mean simply “don’t like” … I don’t like “Life On Mars”,  I don’t like “Taggart”, I don’t like “Inspector Morse” or “Boys From The Black Stuff” or “Spooks” or “Bleak House” or many, many other shows but I don’t sneer at them either, I can see that they’re exceptionally well made dramas that I don’t happen to like. But I do (most emphatically) despise each and every single soap and reality show to some degree or other, I despise quiz shows as a rule (and I’m not talking “QI”, “Have I Got News For You” or “Mock The Week” here) and I despise fly on the wall documentaries and shit like that. I think they’re cheap arsed crap that are being fed to a gullible, all too accepting public and that being an entertainer is both a privilege and a responsibility, that they have the responsibility to produce good stuff, to make it intelligent, to make it clever to make it in some way special.

And when the hell did programs like “The Apprentice”, “Come Dine With Me” and “Loose Women” become “Factual” programmes?

So no Sir, frankly the awards that Doctor Who got from the National Television Awards should be displayed in the place it most deserves, the rubbish bin!

Kyuuketsuki: Angry Atheism & “Science, Just Science” Campaign (co-founder)


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